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Every good dog deserves a good night’s sleep

Extend their quality of life with an orthopedic eco dog bed

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Happy Bones. Happy Dog. Happy Planet.

Orthopedic dog bed


Australian owned and Designed


Sustainable and non-toxic materials


Made for Dogs, Fit for Humans

Your dog sleeps around 20 hours a day — they need a bed that feels comfy and can support their spine and protects their ligaments, muscles and tendons too. That's why we’ve designed an orthopedic dog bed good enough for humans. And we’ve done it using sustainable, non-toxic materials.

Give them a new leash on life

Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch

Large – 110cm x 80cm x 18cm

Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch
Eco Dog Couch

Small – 70cm x 65cm x 17cm

Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress
Eco Mattress

Large – 105cm x 80cm x 10cm


Our boy is so fussy with beds and we have finally found a brand he loves. He loves his bed so much that he NO LONGER jumps on the couch. We love watching him fall asleep on the bolsters and it is such a bonus that the bed looks fantastic and is made to last. Definitely a worthwhile investment, Thankyou!!  

Shelby, Vince and Sparhawk 

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Measure your furry friend from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail

Signs your dog’s current bed isn’t cutting it:

— They seem stiff and move slower in the morning
— They change positions a lot and can't seem to get comfortable
— They struggle to get in and out of their bed
— They’d rather lay on the couch or your bed instead 

Orthopedic Eco Dog Couch
Orthopedic Eco Dog Bed

Life’s short, spoil your dog

Give them a bed that’s large enough to sprawl out on and comfy enough to snuggle into.

Your furry friend will feel safely cradled by the bolster cushions, which also serve as the perfect resting spot.

Made with breathable, temperature-regulating materials to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Treat your dog to better rest and a better quality of life. 

The highest quality, the ultimate comfort

Hand built in Melbourne, Australia, our Eco Dog Couch & Mattresses are made with 5 Layers of the latest sustainable technology & materials — designed for Warmth, Strength, Durability and Longevity.

Give your dog a comfortable, supportive place to sleep and give yourself the gift of never having to throw out another dirty, worn out dog bed.

Eco Dogs orthopedic beds are machine washable and made to last.

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The layers of and Eco Dog Bed

Made to last with easy to remove machine washable covers

Give them a longer healthier life with an orthopedic dog bed


An orthopedic bed is ideal for keeping dogs of all walks of life healthy — but it’s particularly good for those with Arthritis, Hip dysplasia, Back or muscle problems, Bone or soft tissue injuries, or Joint problems.

Designed with your dog’s health in mind, by a textile designer studying Canine Myofunctional Therapy.

Orthopedic dog bed for your dogs health
Eco Dog Beds are made for comfort


From the smallest French Bulldog to the biggest Great Dane — every dog can enjoy the extended quality of life that a comfortable, orthopedic dog bed provides.

Whether they’re going grey and you want to give them somewhere comfortable to sleep, or you just got them and you want to set them up for life, they’ll feel the difference from the layers of quality foam and breathable fabrics.


Our beds are designed to last with the premium thickness and premium quality Australian foam.

Our Happy Dog Guarantee means you can sleep easy knowing our beds will maintain their structure and shape year after year, or we will happily give you a new one.

No more stinky dog beds. No need to chuck it out. Just buy it once and let them enjoy — with changeable covers to match your decor.

Quality mattresses made to last your dogs life

The human behind eco dogs

I’m Angela — a qualified textile designer, lover of animals and the human behind eco dogs.

And I’m so keen on giving our dogs the best quality of life that I’m also studying Canine Remedial therapy.

Built on the idea that dogs love lying on the couch or in our beds, I wanted to design dog beds that’d be good enough for a human. Because our best friends deserve better.

Sustainability is also at the core of everything I do. From the sustainably-sourced materials to the longevity of our beds (because the planet doesn’t need another discarded dog bed!)

Here’s to Happy Bones, Happy Dogs and a Happy Planet.

The human behind eco dogs

How we walk the sustainability walk and reduce our impact on the environment

Australian made GECA certified high density foam


100% cotton and bamboo fabrics with non-toxic dyes


Reduced air emissions globally

reduced air emissions globally without any CFC'S

Happy dog guarantee

Happy Dog Guarantee — 5yr warranty on the foam layer structure

GECA foam is assessed to meet environmental, human health, and social impact criteria. It is recognised by WELL, ISCA and the Green Building Council of Australia's Green Star Performance tool. We are proud to say we use no chlorofluorocarbons, formaldehyde, toxic Dyes or volatile derivatives in our materials.