Eco Dogs Aust develops all our mattresses by hand

Eco Dogs Aust develops all our mattresses by hand

They are made with several layers of premium Australian GECA Foam and other textile materials to create comfort, warmth, durability and premium support needed for a straight spine, healthy joints and strong ligaments.

Bed Cover: Available in a variety of colours and textiles – 100% highly durable cotton Canvas and Polar Fleece covers. Designed to fit over the mattress, keeping slightly flexible so its not too tight so your dog can find comfort with ease. 

Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector: Bamboo breathable fibre with a waterproof top. Protects mattress from fleas & dustmites, bacteria, mould, mildew and bedtime accidents. Optional with every Bed purchase! Machine washable.

Calico 100% Cotton Textile: Finishing the outer layer of the mattress

Convoluted Quilt Textile: To Shape form the mattress – and add warmth and extra comfort

Dacron Layer: To shape form the mattress- whilst adding a little bit of extra comfort

Premium Comfort Foam: is designed for comfort. Australian made GECA certified foam - The premium foam will cup and hug your dogs body. It is important to have this layer for protection and ease on the joints and ligaments. It is also important that this layer mould itself into the bottom layer of foam whilst keeping your dogs spine straight and giving your dog a soft yet supported comfort.

Supportive Premium Active Lifestyle Foam: is for structure and support – Australian made GECA certified foam - This bottom layer of foam is strong but not too hard. It will take the weight of your dog and keep the structure of the bed for years to come. This layer is important because we need to ensure your dogs spine stays straight and supported. It is important that your dog steps on and off the dog bed without sinking too much and causing strain or jolting or un-needed tension on certain areas.

5 Year warranty: Our promise to you is that your eco bed will hold its shape and structure for the whole 5 years, or we will replace it with a brand new one. T & C’s Apply.

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