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We are Quietly Confident your dog loves a good nights rest as much as you do, and their Ligaments, Muscles and Tendons nexknfkdsjfdksjfdsljf.

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How do I clean the beds?

The washing instructions are labelled inside each cover. The outer cover and bamboo mattress protector fitted to the foam beds are both machine washable. In-between washes they are also really easy to be vacuumed.

Why are your beds so much more expensive than others on the market?

Let me promise you this. Most of those so called expensive beds on the market, use cheap imported foam, which in the LUXURY furniture industry is known for its poor quality.

In order to develop a bed to a standard, which uses foam developed in Australia and eco friendly foam, it is costly. But in return we can offer a 5 year support, comfort and structure WARRANTY.

The other components of the bed are also eco friendly. 100% cotton covers and designer fabrics. Unfortunately natural fibre fabric cost more than synthetic ones, but they last longer and are much easier to rid of bacteria and pet odours. They are also better for our general health and well being.

Are the covers expensive to buy?

NO... The covers and other components of the bed are extremely reasonably priced... It is the eco mattress that is the investment and is the one component which will last the longest.

Can I use the dog beds outdoors?

Our dog beds are designed for indoor use, however an undercover area away from cold and wet weather could be fine. It's important to know that this bed is solid foam and is not waterproof and must be kept away from wet weather. The waterproof component to our foam beds, is the bamboo mattress protector which has a waterproof top, and designed to protect the mattress from bacteria and accidents.

Are our Beds made with Memory Foam?

The answer is NO.... Memory foam originated from China manufacturers, and is highly toxic. It is neither been proven to be better for our limbs and ligaments.

The Foam in our beds is of much higher standard, and has been developed and tested since 2012, with two layers, to achieve maximum comfort and support for a dog between 2kg and 80Kg.

Can I replace components of the bed?

YES!!! Every component of our beds can be replaced. However please note: It is the mattress you have invested in and want to protect the most. Any other component, whether it be 1 x bolster cushion or a new mattress protector or outer cover can be replaced.

Is the foam fire retardant?

Although we use the most environmentally friendly foam on the market, it is not fire retardant.

My dog is a chewer, will this dog bed be strong enough?

We use strong and durable fabrics, however a dog chewing the fabric will cause damage. Most non-tearable fabrics contain metal or foreign fibres and are not healthy for your pet, particularly if swallowed.

How does hardness affect foam comfort?

Hardness is a measure of how the foam feels, not a measure of quality. For example, Ultimate Comfort HR36-110CM5, has a nominal hardness of 110 Newtons, when tested to Australian Standard AS2282.

The quality of foam depends upon the foam making process, and the products used to make it.